DPRK tests a new ICBM, according to KCNA

DPRK tests a new ICBM

SEOUL - Under the watchful eye of its supreme leader Kim Jong Un, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea conducted a test launch of a brand-new intercontinental ballistic missile on Friday into eastern waters, according to the official Korean Central News Agency on Saturday.

The report hailed the test-fire as a resounding affirmation of the dependability. And potent combat performance of the new strategic weapon system. The new-type ICBM Hwasongpho-17 was launched at the Pyongyang International Airport. And travelled a distance of 999.2 km for 4,135 seconds before precisely landing on a predetermined area in eastern open waters, it said.

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The top DPRK official praised the successful test launch. And emphasised the need for his nation to "significantly expedite the fortification of overwhelming nuclear deterrence". In light of the recent perilous scenario on the Korea Peninsula.

The DPRK's military retaliation will be more offensive the more the US is fixated on its military bluffing on the Korean Peninsula. And the surrounding territories through "strengthened offer of extended deterrence" to its allies and war drills, according to Kim.

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He stated that his nation will steadfastly "respond to nukes with nuclear weapons. And to total confrontation with all-out confrontation" if opponents continue to threaten by often introducing nuclear strike means.

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