20 upcoming features to Apple products in 2023

Apple Products in 2023

Big changes are coming to the iPhone in 2023, along with all new features coming to new iPads, Max Apple watches, then basically every single Apple product. Honestly, it seems like Apple has been better off since it's big split.

They're allowing for more software Customization. Just feels like they're listening to us, the paying customer way more than ever before. And that trend is gonna continue into 2023 with some really exciting new features that we've been asking Apple to bring us for years. It's finally happening.

So let's break down the top 10 or so. Biggest new features coming to Apple products that you absolutely need to know about. You guys are gonna be very excited and also let me throw out some suggestions of things that you and I would like to see that Apple should definitely add to their 2023 lineup.

No other new Apple products are set to be released this year 2022

Now according to the boss man himself, Tim Cook, Apple's 2022 product lineup is basically set in stone. No other new Apple products are set to be released this year. Which means all the rumors, leaks, and everyone in the Apple universe. Is very focused now on what big changes are coming next year, in just a few weeks, few months in 2023, and we've got some all new leaks on the headset, new iPads, AirPods Max and yes, our favorite here. The next Gen iPhone.

Apple is finally making some really good changes, finally bringing some great features, but also rumor has it, they are gonna be making some bad changes. That you should probably know about in advance, like right now. But first, let's kick it off with the good stuff.

iPhone 15 Ultra with new Design

I think something that many of us have been wanting Apple to do for a very long time now is give the iPhone a new design. The 14 Pro and 14 is a great phone. But on the back, it looks basically identical to the 13 and the 12, even the 11. It would just be nice for the iPhone to get a major design overhaul, which is actually expected to happen next year with the iPhone 15 lineup as to what this redesign might look like, we don't know, but we do have some theories.

Are we getting a Folding from Apple in 2023?

But let me be clear, the design is gonna change. But the form factor of the phone isn't expected to change. So if you're holding out hope for a flipping or folding iPhone, something I see in the comments a lot that you guys aren't looking forward to. Good news on that front. Apple is not expected to be bringing that. May be next year in 2023, maybe the year after and the year after that.

How is the dynamic island gonna change?

But that design is what many people are very focused on. What's this phone gonna look like? How is the dynamic island gonna change? What design changes can we expect for this all new iPhone? Well, making a bold bet right now to say that the dynamic island probably isn't going away. In fact, it's going to expand or set to expand according to rumors, to every single iPhone 15 next year.

So you don't have to have the pro or the promax to take advantage of the dynamic island and all its benefits and its quirks and its features, you can enjoy. Basically all that's stuff on the standard iPhone 15, but display aside, the other areas of the phone are expected to get a bigger design change.

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Apple will switch from stainless Steel over to Titanium

We've heard for a while now that Apple could switch from stainless steel over to titanium, maybe for their higher end models. So that would be a cool material design change.

iPhone 4 style redesign to iPhone 15 in 2023

And then we have heard some nots are credible that we could be seeing an iPhone 4 style redesign to come to the iPhone 15 or maybe some next generation iPhone that would include, round volume buttons. You'd have sort of this speaker mesh on the bottom. Camera would set flush right on the back. You'd have a glass back and a sort of a throwback to a design we had. About what, 12 or 13 or so years ago now, which I think according to these renders could look pretty cool.

Apple is going to make fake buttons on the iPhone 15

And speaking of buttons, we've also got some new rumors that say that Apple is going to make fake buttons on the iPhone 15, or at least some models.

Basically, they'd look like buttons. They'd feel like buttons when the phone was actually turned on, but they would just be sort of a solid state piece, sort of like the old, home button. iPhone generation that was, where it was basically a fake home button where you would tap it and it would feel like you were clicking it, when the phone was on, but it was off.

It was just sort of a solid piece of glass or whatever that material was. It'd basically be the same thing on the iPhone. Not exactly sure what benefit this gives you but looks like Apple's gonna be removing the buttons on the iPhone 15, maybe starting as soon as this next fall. And gonna be giving us fake buttons on the higher end iPhones, for better or for worse.

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Will Apple put common USBC port on the iPhones?

Another crowd favorite and one that people have been asking Apple to adopt for years is USB C. It's on the iPad, it's on the Mac, it's on other random Apple accessories, like the new Apple TV remote, but it's not on the iPhone. That is until. With the iPhone 15. Now I need to be careful with my words here because Apple says they are going to comply with the new EU regulations that are basically going to force them to put a common USBC port on the iPhone.

But complying could mean a number of things. They could remove the port altogether. This could maybe be delayed until the iPhone 16. There's some sort of a different verbiage there. On one, this could take effect. So we don't know how that's going to go on apple's. But we have heard independently from a couple of different sources now that Apple is expected to bring USB C to at least some models of the iPhone next year.

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Apple will make some substantial improvements is with the camera

Another really important area of the iPhone where people have been asking Apple to make some substantial improvements is with the camera. Now, the 48 megapixel camera on the 14 Pro Series is great now. But it does have its quirks and its limitations. You gotta really use a third party app or shoot in raw to take advantage of that.

But some people would like a more tangible new feature that would be way more useful and wouldn't require a checklist to go through in order to maximize it. That is gonna be the case hopefully with a new optical zooms. Apple is finally going to give us a jump from 3x up to 10x optical zoom on the iPhone 15 Pro Series.

Apple is much more willing to listen to feedback from customer

It looks like some pretty good changes are coming to the 15 lineup, and this just proves that this new Apple is much more willing to listen to feedback from you. But it looks like Apple is finally listening and bringing back ports and bringing back features, and bringing new features that we've been asking them to bring to their products.

And if this theme was to continue, what other features and new additions and changes could Apple bring to the iPhone 15 and other Apple products that could be crowd favorites and crowd pleasers that all of us would really enjoy. One of the big ones for me would be face ID and touch on the pro level, iPhone 15 next year.

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Apple will replace the iPhone 15 pro max in 2023 with an iPhone 15 Ultra

And as crazy as this sounds, we do have some new rumors that Apple is working to may be replace the iPhone 15 pro max next year with an iPhone 15 Ultra. This would be a new top end iPhone with some all new exclusive pro features. Maybe it has an action button, maybe it's got the titanium frame. This would be the highest end iPhone of all.

And one of the features I'd love to see in a high end iPhone is face id and touch id both. Sounds a little crazy, but what do you think? Would that make sense? And Would you like to see it? Would you not like to see it? And speaking of face ID and touch id.

Face ID in the new 2023 Mac

Another move I'd love to see Apple Make in 2023 is to finally bring face ID to the Mac. I know that there are limitations, and there's some reasons Apple hasn't done it, obviously, but the fact that FACE ID was debuted on the iPhone 10 in 2017, now, nearly six years ago, and it's still not on the. Is sort of crazy. Touch ID is fine and all, but being able to open up the lid of your MacBook Pro and immediately authenticate and unlock with the power of face Id like you would on the iPhone, on the iPad would be really, really cool On the Mac and also Apple continuity Camera is great and I'll, but if you could just build a better webcam or somehow figure out a way to bring.

The selfie camera from the iPhone and put that into the Mac. That'd be a really nice thing and would substantially improve the sort of still sort of potato quality of the webcams currently in the MacBook Pro Studio to display and other apple, mac, desktops and laptops.

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New 15 inch MacBook Air in 2023: New size options to the MaBook Air 2023

Also, speaking of Mac, apple is expected to make some big changes to the Mac lineup in 2023. We should see some new apple silicon. We should get a new Apple Mac Pro at the high end, but also some rumors that. Apple listens to its customers and brings more options at the lower end. Something below the MacBook Air, that would be a more affordable, more attainable Mac. That was maybe around $499, $599, $699 sounds a little crazy.

But let me tell you what we know right now. One good rumor is that Apple is expected to be bringing a new size option to the MacBook Air. So you're not gonna be limited just to 13 inches, but you can have a 15 inch option, which is great. So if you want a larger screen size, we don't need the power or the price tag of the 16 inch MacBook Pro. 15 inch air should be great.

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The New 12 inch MacBook SE

And also some rumors that Apple could be bringing back. One of its most controversial products. Did I say that right? Controversial products of all time. And that is this, The 12 inch MacBook that had a mobile intel based processor, a low powered processor, didn't have a fan. It have only one USB C port. It was loved by some, hated by most. But now actually might make a lot of sense in 2023 and it'll be making its triumphant return in hopefully a new way.

Many have long been bleeding for Apple to bring a lower cost Apple laptop option to the lineup. And that could be this, maybe it's called the MacBook SE, maybe it's just called the MacBook. But we've got no confirmation on what this machine could be. But if it sort of does slot below the macbook, This could be great at a lower price point. Like I said, $599 or $699, having a well under $1,000.

Apple laptop sort of seems ludicrous and very un apple. But with Tim Cook, trying to have different options at different price points, and with the expansion, both in good terms and in bad terms of the iPad line, maybe a cheaper Apple laptop doesn't actually seem all that crazy.

The other thing Apple needs to do at some point is figure out the iPad Pro's purpose. Having the M2 chip inside is great. It's nice to have that power and that really nice screen at your fingertips. But the fact that you can't run pro apps or really push. Chip to its limits in any meaningful way for a lot of people, not all people.

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New Hybrid version of iPad OS and Mac OS

For a lot of people doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. We actually have heard some new rumors that maybe Apple could be bringing a new hybrid version of iPad OS and Mac OS like a Macs light to the iPad Pro. It's a very sketchy rumor, so I'm not gonna put a lot of stock into it, but just something you should know. And it'd be nice to see Apples sort of. Figure out the iPad Pros direction and figure out if it's gonna be a pro machine. If it's not, just have a little clarity on that would be nice.

And also, I'd love to see a mini L led option for the smaller 11 inch screen. Says I love my 11 inch iPad Pro and the screen's nice, but to have a mini l e d screen at the size, it would be great.

And looks like that is hopefully gonna happen next year as well. And then a few other odds and ends some. For Apple to bring larger iPad sizes to the lineup.

Larger screen iPads in 2023

And we are actually hearing rumors that Apple's gonna be bringing a 14 inch and a 16 inch size to the iPad, maybe iPad Pro in 2023. So there you go. You can be excited about that if you're looking forward to it.

New Home pod 2023

And the return of the home pod, it is rumored. But we have no idea of how it's going to actually come out. Maybe it's just gonna be a replacement to the one we already had. So basically like a full size speaker. I've seen a lot of speculation and a lot of dreaming that people really would love for Apple to like make their own sound bar to build in the apple.

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Audio Magic 2023

Audio magic that wonderful set of audio hardware into a soundbar, sort of like a Sonos competitor that would have airplay support. It'd have all the Apple TV smarts built in. You could plug it into your TV and sort of have an Apple TV and soundbar in one. That'd be really cool to see.

An important Question for you?

All right, so now I have a very important question for you after reading this article. First of, what Apple products are you excited to see in 2023? And also with Apple, bringing back ports with them, adding USBC to the iPhone with them? Adding some new screen size options to the iPad and Mac. What other changes should Apple make that you would like to see? Do you wanna see touch ID and face id together?

Or Do you wanna see some new colors? Do you wanna see a more expensive Mac? Do you wanna see a round Apple Watch? What changes and new products and features would you like to see from Apple? And what could they do to make you happy? I'm curious. We can talk about it and discuss it down below in the comments. And hopefully give Apple some ideas on chance. Some changes they could make and some new things they could do to make us happy and get even more of our hard earned money. We can talk about it and discuss down. 

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