iPhone 14: Realease date and reviews

iPhone 14 pro max. credits-Apple

iPhone 14: Realease date and reviews and detailed specifications

Yesterday was apple September event. And this is your first look (can look in the pics below and above), your hands on and your impressions and honest thoughts and everything you need to know about the iPhone 14 line up. And while the phones do look pretty similar to last year, there is a lot of interesting stuff, kind of tucked in, and I’ve got a lot of thoughts on it.

What’s new in this 2022 Apple’s September event

But as you might know, the September event, it is the iPhones and iPhone accessories. And so we did get new AirPods and a new set of watches, including a new apple watch ultra.

But for now our new iPhones in 2022, we have the iPhone 14 and 14 plus, and then the iPhone 14 pro. And 14 pro max R IP to the mini iPhone. You had a good run. So the new baseline iPhones, as you can imagine are pretty similar. It’s just one is much bigger than the other one. So the iPhone 14 and 14 plus have 6.1 inch and 6.7 inch displays.

Apple iPhone 14: Prices

Respectively, My prediction on waveform was that all the prices would stay the same. And that turned out to be correct. So the iPhone 14 is Rs 59,900 ($ 751.37) and the bigger 14 pro max is Rs 139,900 ($ 1754.87). And really what you’ll notice is these two phones look very similar to last year with some, some bumps and refinements here and there, of course, but they both have the same, A 15 bionic chip as last year, the same design, the same notch on the outside.

I’m actually convinced that a case that fits the iPhone 13 will fit the iPhone 14, but the green is gone and there is a new light blue. But there’s three main things that are new here. The display, the cameras and connect. If that makes sense. So the connectivity is the quirkiest one, as you can imagine,

No SIM card this time in iPhone 14?

You know how iPhones forever have always had a little SIM card tray on the side? Well, in the USA starting with the iPhone 14, they will not have SIM card trays anymore. They will be moving entirely to EIM electronic SIM. Which is fine, I guess. I mean, they work well. It’s typically very easy to upgrade phones or even swap between carriers, but I have to wonder naturally if this is also going to act as a little bit of an extra wall in the walled garden, because now how hard is it gonna be to switch from an iPhone to a non iPhone?

In other countries like India you’ll get to see as usal one micro SIM tray.

Satellite connectivity for SOS

Just, something to think about. But anyway, the iPhone 14 ‘s also got satellite connectivity for SOS, and this is actually really impressive. So in areas where you don’t have any cellular connection, but you still need to send a message, you will be able to talk to satellites to still get a message sent.

So now satellite connectivity is notoriously pretty difficult. You’d need a big radio or at something with large external antennas and you need an unobstructed view of the sky and you have to point it directly at a satellite. I mean, you’ve probably seen what a Starlink dish looks like. So, now Apple’s built this sensitivity into the iPhone 14 ‘s antennas, and they’ve actually built a piece of UI in where it’ll actually help you point directly at a satellite and it will help you send that emergency message.

It’ll actually package it up into a smaller format and within 30 seconds to one or two minutes, they can send a message. Even when you have no cellular connection, it’s an edge case. Hopefully you’ll never have to use it, but that is pretty cool that it can get it done. And the details were, it will be coming to the us and Canada launching later this year and it’ll be free for two years.

What’s new about iPhone 14 Display

And then that’s all we kind of know, but as far as things you’ll actually use every day, the displays. Are the same size and resolutions as before, but they do get a bit brighter now. 1200 knits max for HDR content. Everything else is the same.

New Camera system with Photonic engine

iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 pro max. credits-Apple

And then there is a new camera system, a larger 12 megapixel main sensor with sensor shift stabilization, a wider 1.5 aperture for better photos and hopefully better sensitivity and low light.

And there is a new 12 megapixel selfie camera on the front with auto focus. Plus they’ve introduced this whole new photonic engine. Again, they name everything, but really that’s just a better image processing pipeline from end to end, which should improve across the board low light sensitivity and nighttime photos.

New Action Mode feature in the camera

There’s also a new action mode feature in the camera that does much more dramatic stabilization on super shaky videos. It seems like it works best with certain types of shots, like the ones they use in their demos. But we’ll see, basically the way I see it is these new iPhone 14 ‘s and 14 plus-es are essentially an iPhone 13 pro.

The best battery life ever in an iPhone 14 plus

One year later, minus the telephoto camera and minus the promotion O led dressed in aluminum. Like it’s a very familiar phone, I guess, on the plus side having a larger iPhone with a 1080 P 60 Hertz display means they can promise that this will be the best battery life ever in an iPhone 14 plus.

And I’m pretty sure this plus is gonna be a hit. If I know anything about regular people’s phone buying decisions, I think spending an extra a hundred bucks for a way bigger screen is a no brainer. So that’s seven ninety nine for the iPhone 14. And 8 99 for the 14 plus, which actually comes out a month later in October for some reason.

14 pro and 14 pro max: Three new things

But then we got the iPhone 14 pro and 14 pro max, which have a little bit more going on. It’s still got all the new stuff from the 14 and 14 plus that I just talked about satellite connectivity, action mode in the camera. It’s even the same two sizes, again, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, but there are three new things here, and those are a new, a 16 bionic chip and an even bigger camera upgrade and then this thing called dynamic island we’ll get to it.

About: A-16 Bionic Chip

So the a 16 bionic chip inside is even more powerful and more E. As you can imagine. It’s now a six core chip built on a four nanometer process. They’re quoting 40% better than the competition. And there’s also actually a slight display upgrade as well.

This is up to 2000 knits, max brightness outdoors, which is class leading and the pro iPhones. Now finally, finally have an always on display so you can see still the time. And if you have notifications and even updated info on your. When your phone is locked and just sitting around on a table or charging that I like a lot, but the big upgrades, like I said, are gonna be the camera and the cutout at the top.

Bigger 48 Megapixel Main Camera

Okay. So the camera system is all new and it is bigger. Like you can tell just by looking at it that everything in here is bigger. It protrudes more off the back of the phone, but yeah, technically speaking, this is the first time in about a decade that we’re actually getting a megapixel bump. This is a new 48 megapixel main camera.

Rear cameras On the 14 pro

So it’s still gonna bend down to 12 megapixels for normal shots. You’ll get 12 megapixel images out of it, but you’ll hopefully be able to reap the benefits of higher detail, better, low light sensitivity from a bigger sensor. But also if you want to shoot 48 megapixel photos, you can, you just gotta shoot pro raw.

Then you’ll get 48 megapixel shots. And then they also added a new two X button into the camera UI, which might not seem like a big deal, but that turns out to just be an exact crop using the middle 12 mega. Of the sensor itself. So you can hit that two X button to zoom in basically with optical quality, which is much better than before. You still have the further three X telephoto lens. The sun is setting real hardcore down here.

Pill shaped cutout in the top of the screen

Apple shrunk down all the selfie camera and the parts of the face ID system down by about 30%. And so they’ll fit in this pill, shaped cutout in the top of the screen. Fine. If they’d stopped here, that would be an incredibly minor update. I mean, it’s literally just aesthetic, not worth mentioning since we see selfie cutouts all the time for years now, but then they went a step further with it.

Since it’s an O led and you can turn off any pixels to appear pitch black. They decided to play with extending the edges of the pill with more UI. So if you have ongoing notifications or live actions, stuff like music playing or timers in the background or, and Uber notification or whatever, those will show up, and it has this nice little animation to extend and shrink and move around the.

You can actually hold down to surface extra information for what’s happening, which basically just looks like the widget that would be in your notifications just without having to pull down your notifications.It works right away with a bunch of the stock, uh, apple apps, apple maps, the timer, the voicemails, and all that. But they say we’ll also work with third party apps. Now this will be up to them how fast they wanna implement it.

The dynamic island turn into like a little multitasking

And maps, navigation and music playing all happening in the background. The dynamic island would lowkey turn into like a little multitasking UI and let you quickly switch between these ongoing things. It was already very intuitive. It also just seems to be pretty generous about where you’re tapping. So obviously if you tap exactly on just the camera cutout itself, Well, nothing will happen because those aren’t actual pixels.

It’s just the camera cutout, but your finger is big enough that it naturally hits some of the pixels around the top and the bottom of the cutout. So it still knows to respond pretty much anytime.

Wallpaper that would take advantage of like a whole punch cutout that would go viral, cuz it’s like, oh, that’s a really thoughtful way of hiding a hole on the screen.

This is just like a, a next level upgrade moving version of that. It’s, it’s really thoughtful, playful, friendly, and intuitive. So it’s just, it’s just a level up version of that. So even if the cutout looks a little worse, sometimes when playing full screen video, Or playing games. Uh, I feel like it kind of makes up for it by being so useful.

There’s not a lot of crazy. Innovative hardware design going on here. Nothing’s folding in half. There’s no super fast, high end, fast charging or wireless charging. It’s just, this’s just a bunch of little refinements again, at this point, we know what the iPhone is. Apple knows what the iPhone is, and they tend to be late on the train to picking up on things and then doing it in the apple way.

No charger in the box as usual

That’s pretty much exactly what’s happening with the cutout and that’s what the iPhone fourteens are. Also. They sneakily left some of the thirteens still in the lineup, the 13. And the 13 baseline are still available. If you want them $599 for the 13 mini and $699 for the 13. Now I don’t have the new boxes yet, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that none of the new boxes will have chargers in them because they haven’t for years now.

Share your view on new iPhone 14s

Let me know what you think of the new iPhones. Honestly, I think, I think regular people are gonna. The dynamic island, but lemme know what your thoughts are. And I also believe that the 14 plus is gonna be a hit, but I’ll see in the comments below what you guys are feeling.

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