iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max is the greatest model currently available. What does it have in common with one of the top Android phones of 2022? The Galaxy S22 Ultra from Samsung. And that is precisely what we will discover today by contrasting all of the significant differences between these two devices side by side.

Let’s begin by talking about the construction and layout. Overall, both gadgets have a matt surface in all of the different colours and are quite expensive looking. There are four colours for the iPhone: gold, silver, space black, and this deep purple colour that I really like. The S 22 extreme is additionally offered in four official hues: white, black, green, and burgundy.

However, you may get a few more unique colours straight from Samsung.com. There is a red and a graphite shade of sky blue. If you decide to purchase those hues.

iPhone 14 vs Samsung S22 ultra: Build and Design

The S 22 Ultra is constructed of aluminium. The iPhone’s frame is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is therefore a little more upscale, but when it comes to glass, the iPhone has ceramic shields on the front and what Apple calls the hardest glass on any smartphone at the rear on the S 22 Ultra.

Resistance to dust and water

Now, I’m not the type of person to perform any drop tests. Both of them, in my experience, are quite high quality and very strong. Both devices are also resistant to dust and water. Our IP68 rating is impressive. In contrast to the S 22 ultra, the iPhone can be submerged in water for a longer period of time. As opposed to 1.5 metres, you can do it up to six metres.
Although it’s important to know, I’m not sure how useful that will be to you if you take your gadget swimming. The iPhone 14 pro max now resembles the iPhone 13 pro max in appearance almost exactly. So, there isn’t much of a design upgrade for you. Shall we? In comparison to the S 21 ultra, the S 22 ultra has a noticeably different appearance. Thus, it feels a little more refreshed.

The iPhone 14 pro max has flat sides, which I particularly appreciate because it allows me to stand it up on a table without needing to place anything behind it. The S 22 Ultra features curb sides that are symmetrical and go from the back to the front. Additionally, while having a somewhat larger S 22 ultra in terms of height, width, and thickness, it doesn’t actually feel bigger.

Comparison of weight and size

And that’s also because it weighs a little bit lessthan the iPhone 14 Pro Max. And that nicely takes us to the displays.

iPhone 14 vs Samsung S22 ultra: Locking System

Now, facial ID is one of the reasons we have this larger pull form cut out on the iPhone. Face ID is still available, and it functions as intended. It happens quickly. Additionally, it now functions with masks, which it did not do before. And I’ve been providing feedback on it for a while.

The S 22 ultra has a fingerprint scanner embedded in the display. The under-display fingerprint scanner is an ultrasonic one, which in my opinion is the best available on a major flagship. Realistically, you can’t go wrong with either of these options because they both perform superbly. Because I used to experience problems with face ID while wearing a mask, I used to prefer the S 22 ultra for the fingerprint scanner. But now that Apple has changed this, there won’t be much of a problem.

iPhone 14 pro max vs Samsung S22 ultra: The Camera

Let’s discuss cameras now. On the iPhone, we do have an ultra wide camera on the three times as well as the primary sensor, which is now a large size sensor. telephoto camera The S 22 ultra does contain a second Periscope zoom camera that offers optical zoom that can be increased by up to 10 times. Additionally, I believe that either of these cameras is a good choice in general.

They both use the S 22 ultra to produce stunning photos and videos. You do have that range of focus lenses. And that zoom is, in my opinion, among the best available. Additionally, the iPhone offers, in my opinion, a better ultra wide camera with better dynamic range and the finest detection of any smartphone I’ve tried.

Better lowlight performance is included in the complete package, particularly in the iPhone and video. once more reigns supreme in video thanks to its excellent stabilisation, wide dynamic range, and new action mode, which also won it a highly practical cinematic video option that will blur the background.

This honestly made me quite impressed. Again, both devices have fantastic cameras overall. It would not be difficult for me to pick up either of these. But I know that many of you will ask me which of these I would choose if I had a camera that could do everything—take pictures, record movies, and have all the other features. And it would be the iPhone 14 for me personally. Promax. Are you joyful right now?

iPhone 14 pro max vs Samsung S22 ultra: Performance

Now let’s talk about the performance. Apple’s A16 bionic chip powers the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Depending on your country, the Qualcomm Snap Rack 8 gen 1 or the Samsung Xons 2200 will power the S 22 ultra. The S 22 ultra does have additional RAM.
And both of these, in my opinion, are wonderful. They have no problems at all. I’m not the type of person to go into great detail looking at benchmarks and looking at frame rates and things like that because they have handled everything I’ve thrown at them so far. Because it has a more recent chip set, I’d guess the iPhone 14 pro max will have a slight advantage.

The H gen one, which debuted earlier, is present in the S 22 ultra. The eight plus gen one is now available on a variety of other devices, and performance will also depend on the software. Of course there is also the iOS vs. Android debate. I won’t get into the arguments between the two, but at this point, either OS is a solid choice.
It will ultimately depend on whatever environment you prefer and wish to join, in my opinion. It goes without saying that the iPhone will support features like iMessage airdrop. And I do enjoy some of the new iOS 16 capabilities, such as the S 22 Ultra’s erase background function, which integrates really well with the Samsung ecosystem.

Therefore, if you own another Samsung device. You’ll relish that encounter as well. Once more, I believe that ultimately, it will come down to personal preference. Even though many of you dislike hearing me say it, it’s actually true.

iPhone 14 pro max vs Samsung S22 ultra: Speakers

Now that we are looking at the speakers, both devices have excellent speakers. The earpiece speaker and the bottom firing speaker both, in my opinion, sound really, really fantastic. I don’t want to give anything away, but ultimately I believe the edge wins. Visit the iPhone 14 Pro Max now.

Display and brightness

On both of our smartphones, the displays are gorgeous. Compared to the iPhone’s 6.7-inch display, the S 22 Ultra’s 6.8-inch screen is slightly larger. Both displays are powered by OLED.

Colors are therefore highly vivid. They are both quite intelligent. Additionally, very sharp. The S 22 ultra is now slightly sharper. The iPhone is now brighter than the S 22 ultra, which is something I wasn’t anticipating. It’s not something you’re likely to notice much in your daily life, though. This is the brightest smartphone display currently available with a peak brightness of 2000 minutes outdoors. Now, for many people, that might not be a big deal. As I always wear these, it is a major benefit for me. It certainly makes a difference, particularly on sunny days outside.

Additionally, both devices use LT P O technology, allowing them to go as low as one hurts, which will increase their efficiency and allow for always-on displays. This adaptive refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz makes everything extremely fluid.

Display Customizations

You receive little symbols as notifications, and you can identify the programmes that they came from. You can also customise various things. Numerous alternative clock designs are available, and you can also decide when the iPhone’s always-on display should turn on and off.

The always-on display can essentially be turned on or off, and you don’t really have any control over when it turns off automatically while you sleep. It will switch if it detects that you are carrying it in your pocket. Because it is essentially your lock screen that has been muted, it does enable a lot of personalization.

As a result, your wallpaper will always be displayed in full, unlike the S 22 Ultra where an image will only take up a small portion of the screen if you don’t want it to. Therefore, there are benefits and drawbacks to both of them. Personally, I like them both.

Display Bezels

However, when comparing the screen to body ratio, the S 22 ultra has a greater ratio due to its higher punch out size and somewhat thinner bezels. The bezels on the iPhone 14 Pro Max are now slightly narrower than those on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Finally, there is no longer a. The iPhone has a pill-shaped cutout in the middle, which Apple refers to as a “dynamic island.” Now, compared to the tiny punch outs on the S 22 ultra, this does occupy more room.

It does, however, add a tonne of new features. This was discussed in earlier articles of mine. However, in essence, you will be able to have music playing at the top, which you can then activate with a long press. There are various shortcuts available here. If you’re on a call, you may have a separate bubble that shows a stopwatch. Overall, I like this dynamic island because it’s an original solution that we haven’t really seen before.

Conclusion of the Display

Overall, both smartphones have outstanding displays—some of the best on the market. You really can’t go wrong with either, in my opinion. Historically, Samsung has had an easy victory. The iPhone has typically not been as bright and has that notch, but this year, Apple has really improved the display. And I can declare with confidence that this time it is unquestionably a draw.

Some additional features

Now let’s discuss some of the extra features you’ll receive on both devices that you won’t really find on many others.

Samsung Galaxy S 22 ultra: The S Pen

Consequently, the S pen is available along with the S 22 Ultra. which the apparatus has now contained. Historically, the Samsung Galaxy S series lacked a pen, though the S 21 series allowed you to purchase it separately.
The S 22 ultra appears to be the result of the notes and S series being combined. Personally, I like the Spen a lot. For some fast doodling, I adore it. I don’t use it all the time, but when I do, it is quite helpful to have a 2.8 millisecond latency since it makes this process very, very smooth for photo editing or signing documents while you’re on the road. And it’s such a unique experience, which I do appreciate.

Samsung Galaxy S 22 ultra: Decks support

Deck support is also present in the S 22 experiment. So. This will be wirelessly able to link to a display. Utilize your S 22 ultra as a trackpad to simulate a desktop.

iPhone 14 pro max: Crash detection feature

The iPhone currently has certain distinctive features of its own. There is now crash detection. As a result, if you are unfortunate enough to be in a car accident, the iPhone’s sensors will be able to tell. Additionally, it can really contact emergency services on your behalf if you don’t react, which is incredibly helpful.

iPhone 14: Emergency SOS via satellite

It also has satellite-based emergency SOS. Therefore, if you’re in the middle of nowhere and need to contact emergency services, there is no reception there. It will be able to deliver such emergency signals and show you where the satellites are located. Initially, it will only be offered in the US and Canada, but it should soon expand to other countries. And it will be free for two years, following which, based on my understanding, there will be some kind of subscription plan.

Different charging ports

I now have to mention that these have various ports for us. While the iPhone 14 Pro max still comes with a lightning connector, the S 22 ultra has the more versatile USB type C. I’m not too happy about this because many other Apple products, including the MacBook and iPads, employ USB type C universal connections. And when I travel, having to carry a lightning wire is extremely bothersome. Therefore, USB type C is undoubtedly the way to go, and I think Europe may very well require Apple to utilise USB type C very soon. We’ll find out in a year, but they claim it is still lightning.

Sim tray existence

There is no longer a physical SIM card tray for the iPhone if you live in the US. You will be required to exclusively use E-SIM. Even though the procedure is rather simple, you’ll need to get used to it. There is currently a physical SIM card tray on the S 22 ultra.

iPhone 14 pro max vs Samsung S22 ultra: Batteries and charging

Let’s discuss charging and batteries. The S 22 ultra does, in fact, have a physical battery, but depending on the situation, it’s not only about size. Additionally, the iPhone’s battery life is superior in this situation. In my experience, the S 22 ultra still has an advantage when it comes to charging, but the iPhone 14 pro max offers roughly 20% more battery life.

It does support faster charging up to 45 Watts against 20 Watts, therefore with the S 22 ultra, you can get a 50% charge in about 20 minutes even though neither of them come with a charger out of the box. On the iPhone 14 Pro Max, though, that will likely be closer to 30 minutes. These two do, in fact, offer wireless charging.

The S 22 extreme supports wireless charging up to 15 Watts. Using a typical Q wireless charger, the iPhone 14 Pro max has 7.5 Watts of power. You can receive up to 15 Watts if you utilise Apple’s exclusive maximum safe charger, though. I enjoy Mac safe. You don’t have to worry about being in a position where you haven’t put; it simply snaps on the back.

Your smartphone is correctly placed on a wireless charger, however it is proprietary. The S 22 ultra has wireless power share in addition to the normal, which I do like. Therefore, the S 22 ultra’s back can be used to charge items like headphones. Furthermore, I haven’t utilised it much at all. But in other circumstances, it might be helpful.

Phone 14 vs Samsung S22 ultra: Pricing and storage versions

Let’s now examine the storage versions and costs. Therefore, each of them come in the same storage options, including 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and a huge one terabyte version.
Now, if you do decide to look at the S 22 ultra’s launch prices. Apple has boosted the price for the new iPhone 14s quite a bit in the UK and other places, making it more expensive there than it is in the US but cheaper there than it is in the UK. And while I’m not sure why this is the case, it is somewhat bad for Americans who reside in the UK and own the S 22 ultra because it has been on the market for a while. You can now truly acquire it. then what it was originally intended for. Depending on where you get it, I’ve seen it for anywhere from 900 to 8,000 pounds. Additionally, Samsung is providing a tonne of excellent trade opportunities.


Overall, the S 22 ultra will cost less in the majority of places. And now that a few months have passed. against the iPhone 14 Pro Max. And that concludes the detailed comparison between the Samsung samsung S 22 ultra superstar style and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Personally, I find both devices to be useful. They both, in my opinion, have pros and drawbacks.

However, it has never been closer. I enjoy watching the competition, and I’ll be utilising both of these gadgets myself. The S 22 ultra will use one of my SIM cards, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will use the other In any case, that’s what I believe. What about you guys? So let me know what you think in the comments section below. 

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