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Brahmastra Movie (copyrights- Brahamastra)

Now, let’s talk about this week’s release Brahmastra. A film that has taken around 10 years from scripting to the realease. Brahmastra is a fantasy adventure film written and directed by Ayan Mukarji with Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Mouni Roy and Nagarjuna Akkineni in the lead with a buckling extended cameo by another superstar.

Brahmastra: The Story of the movie

It’s the first installment of a planned trilogy, which is an extended cinematic universe titled Astra World. it’s made on a 410 Crores, and is one of the most expensive Indian films ever. So, does the hype match the product and often to boy named Shiva lives in a chawl in Mumbai. And cannot be burned by fire that’s his secret and his gift.

He is a DJ by profession and meets a bright and a strong girl Isha played by Alia Bhutt just as. As they fall in love because of love. At first sight. Shiva also gets these nightmares or premonitions simple realities that are happening elsewhere.Which he must and he can stop together. The two set out to protect men who need to be protected as they are secret keepers of a mystical reality or parallel universe that was once broken down into three pieces.

The metaphor for which is Brahmastra. A precious stone that has the power of the universe. Mukharji, who has previously directed the coming of age, wake up SId and Yen jawaani hai Deewani, dives into Hindu mythology. And Hollywood superhero movies to create a spectacular battle over in all powerful weapon. The Brahamastra, which has been guarded by a secret society for years is being searched by a rogue God with which Shiva has a come connection.

Brahmastra: Best thing about the film

The best thing about the film is the scale the Grande, the special effects. The enormous Heights to which a Hindi film has taken us. It’s unparalleled by any other project in any Indian language, you’d be impressed by what you have. Served with it deserves a watch only on the big screen. Mr. Bachchan plays a guru who knows it all and is grooming and training another generation of heroes, that will save the universe and they keep the secrets of Brahmastra Shiva reaches him for solutions.

And that Aashram becomes the battlefield between Janoon played by Mouni Roy, who can again be seen in her Nagin Avtar again. And Shiva who finally knows his real power to play with fire in a scene. He makes fireballs and plays with them like a child what a beautiful scene! The character dawned by Mr. Bachchan is powerful, a little playful, a different, fresh look, and again, his chased Hindi. And with that powerful diction, he kills it. It’s mostly him that befits the tone of this mystical and mythological flavor of the film while the film is astronomical in visuals. That it creates it’s the scripting and the dialogues that pull it back from leaping into a truely wholesome entertainer.

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Brahmastra: Dialogues and Fun

The dialogues are sometimes so simple and childish for a lofty premise such as this Shiva says. “Isha mera button hia, me uss hi ki vajah se on hota hun”. Is that could have been done away with whenever there is a memorable moment. Isha says, click. To register that in her memory and several other moments or scenes where film fumbles in creating an emotionally involving alternate reality. On this note let me say that like Marvel universe, this universe will appeal a lot to children.

Brahmastra: VFX and Conclusion

So take all the kids along. While you watch this film while Brahmastra, isn’t lacking an ambition. Mukharji’s screenplay doesn’t trust its instincts enough. Our eyes have much more than the years to do all the work here while you watch the movie. Because the team relies more on the VFX than telling the story through a good writing.

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Also it’s 1 67 minutes long and could have done with a sharp edit in all.

It has all the powerful ingredient for a family entertainer, where you watching all that stuff at home on OTT platforms had been waiting for that one movie where you could take the family out and have all those popcorns and still be entire experience should be worth, all the money that you have put in.

So, I would say its worth all that money watch Brahmastra in big screen. And let me know about your experience after watching Brahmastra movie, comment down below.

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