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Is Vsat more important than ever?

VSat has been an important tool for broadcasters for decades.

The equipment allows broadcasters of all sizes to get access to the internet from any location across the globe. What this means is that it’s possible to send footage over to an editing team quickly and easily. It also makes live broadcasting from remote locations a much easier possibility.

Is connectivity more important than ever?

In an era where we are more connected than ever, this has arguably become more crucial than ever for TV companies, especially news teams. Social media, blogs and news websites are now reporting breaking news quicker than ever. Professional companies can no longer afford to take their time getting footage across.

The lifespan of a news story is getting shorter all the time and the quality of news being delivered in this short timespan is improving. If you’re broadcasting from a warzone, for example, it’s no longer suitable to get the footage back to a remote studio for editing. It needs to be sent as soon as possible – and VSAT (which stands for ‘very small aperture terminal’) is still the best way to do that.

Are there other options to VSat?

Mobile internet is growing all the time. More of the world is becoming connected via 3G and 4G signal. Businessmen and women are sending emails to each other from remote locations – so there are potentially other options for broadcasters to be connected, yet VSAT remains the most reliable.

VSAT can be provided anywhere where ADSL, cable or mobile internet cannot be accessed. It tends to provide secure connection speeds as fast as the average home broadband in the UK allowing quick, easy worldwide broadcasting. There are rarely data caps and there ability to connect to any internet exchange is more than possible.

Another benefit is its size. As it’s name suggests, VSAT is small enough to set up quickly and easily regardless of the environment. Even in the digital age we now live in, it remains an incredibly powerful device for its size. The device has been around for some time but has improved to the point where it has always been the best option for broadcasters. There is nothing which suggests this won’t be the case for some time in the future.

The future of VSat

As it has with most communications technologies, the performance of VSat has dramatically improved over the last few years. Customers can expect higher data rates and better speeds at lower costs. Competition in the market has allowed broadcasters to benefit from a higher standard of equipment. If the developments in the mobile internet sector are anything to go by, these improvements will continue.

The use of Ka band technology, which provides a frequency between 26.5 and 40 GHz, will most likely be rolled out across a wider range of satellite technology. Whether VSat is replaced by an improved version of mobile internet remains to be seen, but there doesn’t appear to be other communications method anywhere near as efficient at the moment.

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