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How to find best laptop for programming 2017

There are innumerable laptops available around us. Every company claims its product to be the best; the same is in this industry. All this makes it difficult to make a choice as to which laptop to be chosen from. If you need a laptop for normal usage you can buy any laptop with minimal features but in case you are a programmer and you need a laptop for the work of programming and you need a kind of best of the laptop so that it caters your needs of programming as well as coding.

Some of the basic features which you must look for in a laptop in case you need it for programming purpose are:-

  • SSD
  • High End Processor
  • Dedicated Video Memory
  • Strong Battery
  • Enough RAM to Execute the Processes – Generally 8GB or More

In order to achieve the best results, you should consider a laptop that has a great combination of execution, performance and power which allows carrying on your work smoothly. The processor of the device is most important because even if you have all the other features in your laptop and the processor is not good your device won’t function effectively. So look for the processor the first. For more details you must have a look at – www.laptopforprogramming.com.

Components to be basically considered 

  1. MEMORY- A memory of a laptop is just like a human brain used to store data and instructions. Memory is the storage space in computer which stores data and instructions required for processing the data are stored. If the memory of your laptop will be low you will not be able to store large amount of data and you will not be able to run different programs simultaneously, thus it would hinder your task. So being a programmer the first thing you should consider is the memory of the device. A minimum of 4 GB memory is required in a programming laptop.
  1. RAM- RAM is that part of the memory which stores data permanently on your device. For programming a laptop with a minimum RAM of 8 GB is to be considered. There are different types of RAM which functions at different frequency. DDR4 RAM operates as a higher frequency so you should see for this RAM in your laptop. 
  1. PROCESSING POWER- CPU an abbreviation for Central Processing Unit is the most important element of a laptop. Like a human brain which initiates all human activities CPU is the brain of the laptop where most of the calculations are done. The power of a CPU is measured in gigahertz. All the processors have cores and the more no. of cores the processor has the faster your device will run. If you want to experience the best programming fun go for a laptop which has either Intel i5 or i7 processor. 
  1. BATTERY LIFE- The better the battery life the more hours your laptop will work. While considering the battery life you must consider where you are going to work for i.e. the place of your work. In case your place of work does not have an external charging point then you must go for a laptop with high battery life. Still where ever you work you must check that the device gives around 7-8 hours of battery backup. 
  1. GRAPHICS- Though the graphics does not affects your programming work much but still look for this graphic card – Intel HD Graphics 6000. Graphics of the device is basically important for gamers.

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