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Get More Done With Your Cell Phone

A great cell phone is a tool that is almost indispensible in the modern world. While some people continue to cling to a life without this communications tool, most people have long since jumped on the bandwagon. However, there are ways you can let technology help you and ways you can accidentally let it hinder you. Most people want to get as much done with their days as is humanly possible, but sometimes a person falls short.

Perhaps you have gotten distracted by the endless flurry of different messages you get on a daily basis. While there are tons of messages floating around, not all of them are important. There is an art to letting your phone help you make your day more productive instead of having it bog you down. Whether you use prepaid smartphones or phones attached to a plan, this problem is a constant peril.


Any app you can find that makes your phone able to handle more meddlesome details is worth the time it took to find and download it. However, this is a solution that can actually end up feeding the problem it is trying to solve. While a lot of apps exist for making your phone into a portable powerhouse of numerous functions, there is a time when searching through all of those functions keeps you away from actually doing what you need to do.

Have you ever gotten so caught up in planning something that you actually forgot to do it? This is the kind of problem that a lot of smartphone users run into when they start thinking they are their phones. The phone’s job is to do tasks. Your job is to live your life and accomplish your goals. These two pursuits are not the same thing.

Avoiding Distractions

There are few things in the world worse than being distracted by endless messages, pop ups and other nonsense. If your phone has these functions, it may be very useful to turn off all of them. When you want to communicate with someone, it’s great to send a call, email or text. But your phone isn’t going to email as effectively as your computer. Why try to make it do things it’s not that good at?

Staying in the Moment

There is a time and place for living in the future. Making plans will always be an important part of living a responsible life. However, there is also a time when you need to stay in the moment. When you are working on something important, you need to put yourself into the work wholeheartedly. So sometimes the best way your smartphone can help you get more done is by going into silent mode and delivering a polite but firm message of your unavailability.

In the modern world, everyone seems to be racing around in a blur. But you can get a lot done and get it done well with your phone. Use its power carefully.

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