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Choosing a Car Cover for Your BMW 3 Series

Your BMW’s paint job is vulnerable to weather, bird droppings, UV rays, tree sap and damage from scratches and dings. Protecting your car’s finish with a car cover can keep it looking new for a lifetime. BMW 3 Series car covers are custom fit for your vehicle, and will protect it from the elements, no matter where you park or what conditions your car faces.

Choosing a Car Cover: Parking

There are several different types of car covers on the market, and the biggest factor in which one meets your needs is where you park your BMW and how often it is driven. There are covers designed for daily placement and removal and those that are made to be used when storing your car long term.

If you park your daily driver car outdoors, a lightweight custom cover that can be folded and put into your backseat or trunk is probably the best choice. These are the easiest and quickest covers to roll on and roll off your BMW, and are designed to last with frequent use.  These aren’t recommended on a busy street or a crowded parking lot, however. Because of their lightweight, they will not protect the finish from damage caused by rocks being thrown up by passing cars or scratches from playing children or pedestrians on a crowded sidewalk. Thicker outdoor car covers can be a better choice if your car spends much time in these heavy traffic areas. They are not as easy to place and remove, and they do not fold as flat, but they will protect your paint job.

If you have a garage for your car, you may still want to cover it in order to protect it from dust, pet scratches and even children moving bicycles and toys in the garage. Like outdoor covers, these covers come in lightweight and heavyweight options. Lightweight indoor car covers custom fit for your series 3 BMW protect the finish from dust, but can be removed quickly and folded into the truck or a storage bag. Heavier indoor covers are the best choice for long term storage, and also better protect your vehicle in high traffic garages.

Protecting Your Car From Weather:

Another factor to consider when choosing a car cover for your BMW is the weather in your area. Cars that are parked outdoors are exposed to rain, wind, snow and hail. Each of these weather conditions call for different levels of protection for your car’s finish.

If your car is in an area where it rains frequently, a car cover designed with the maximum level of water resistance is the best choice. These covers are made to repel water, and to dry quickly after a rain. In coastal areas, the air is humid and salty, which can cause salt to build up on your BMW. A cover which is designed to seal the vehicle from these conditions can help to protect it. In areas that get intense sunlight, it is important to find a cover with UV protection. The sun can cause the paint color to fade, and can also damage plastic, leather and other interior materials.

Choosing a custom fit car cover designed for your model of BMW is the best decision you can make for protecting your cars exterior from the elements. These car covers are available to guard your car against the wind, sun and rain. No matter what type of cover you need, we have a custom fit BMW cover to fit your needs. We can also help you compare covers, and make a decision based on your location and where you park.

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