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Blackberry Flood Market with 15,000 Apps

Blackberry are celebrating the upcoming release of the Blackberry 10 device by holding an open app submission party to create apps that will eventually be released into their app store.  Each app approved by development company RIM (Research in Motion) will earn the developers $100, with the further incentive that apps generating more than $1,000 in revenue will earn the difference between that figure and $10,000.

According to the latest leaked info, the Blackberry 10 device will have a 365dpi screen, and a qualcomm S4 processor. That means a beautiful display and a speedy little smartphone that’s good to go.  There will be a new browser to go with the new OS, and it will have HTML5 capabilities. It’s also rumoured that there’s going to be a totally new keyboard.

The Blackberry Messenger app is touted to stay (a forerunner of the now-ubiquitous ‘What’s App’ that’s available on all platforms) but it will be upgraded to include video capabilities. This feature should mean that the Blackberry 10 can out sell Nokia c3.

There is a second upcoming port-a-thon for Blackberry on the 18th of January and that will last for 36 hours. RIM are keen that the Blackberry device be a success with smartphone users, as Apple and Samsung have managed to seduce a fair share of Blackberry’s customer base away.

Some have suggested that the recent leaks on the Blackberry 10 might be forgeries designed to get our tongues wagging – and they’ve certainly worked. Other experts have noted that the Blackberry 10 specs outlined in the leaked documents seem reasonable enough. Blackberry have not uttered a word  against the leaked specs, so we’re going to go with that.

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