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Battle of the Laptop Brands – Sony vs. Apple

The laptop has been around for many years now and thanks to their popularity they continue to evolve and have more to offer, getting smaller, lighter and ever more powerful. Having easy access to mobile computing has essentially changed the way we work, from providing a more practical home office option to letting us get business done on the move.

Therefore, a good value laptop is a great investment for the kids to do schoolwork, or for those lacking space for a home PC, while the latest machine designs even placates those style conscious computer lovers everywhere.

When it comes to laptops, you can’t ignore two of technology’s biggest players, Sony and Apple and if you’re looking to purchase the perfect machine then these two brands will undoubtedly feature on your list of ‘potential purchases’.

Big names go head to head

Both companies are at the top of their game when it comes to laptops and this is reflected in the asking price of their machines. At the basic level, the cheapest Apple laptop, the 13in MacBook Pro, starts at around £999, while Sony’s most basic unit, theVaio E, is around a mere £399. So if you are looking at saving money on a laptop, then a Windows machine is definitely the way to go.

However, the basic Vaio isn’t anywhere near as well specified as the Apple so this isn’t really a fair comparison. Choose two laptops with a similar specification and you will see that Sony only just wins out on price, costing slightly less.

Stylish and powerful

Both Sony and Apple pride themselves on offering powerful machines that are refreshingly responsive, but when it comes to build, Apple may pull ahead slightly. Apple is of course known for their high quality products, being both well-built and coming with a stylish look.

Many technology enthusiasts say that when it comes to build quality no one else comes close – however, if anyone’s going to try it’s Sony!

Comparing software

If you’re still unsure at this point which brand appeals more to you, the final differentiator could be the software. All Apple products run on their own software with the Mac OS X being their current operating system, and if you are a fan of the iPhone, iPod or iPad then this will already be extremely familiar to you.

Sony makes use of the latest Windows software and there are many strengths and weaknesses attached to both, so the final choice is generally down to personal preference.

There are pro’s and con’s associated with both brands and this is one battle that may not really have a distinct conclusion. The truth is, whichever branded laptop you choose, you won’t go far wrong. Yes, Apple can be pricey but you will certainly get what you pay for. However, if you are on a smaller budget but still want great value and quality, then Sony could just edge over the finishing post in first position. The final decision is all yours!

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