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How to find best laptop for programming 2017

There are innumerable laptops available around us. Every company claims its product to be the best; the same is in this industry. All this makes it difficult to make a choice as to which laptop to be chosen from. If you need a laptop for normal usage you can buy …

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Technology and 7 Year Olds


A few decades ago, 7-year old barely knew how to work a TV remote. If you’re a 90’s kid, you probably didn’t have access to the internet till you were at least 20 years old. But now, things are much different. 7-year-olds are now making circuit boards, being named Microsoft Certified Engineers, and doing …

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MACNETO : The one stop cable for your multiple gadgets

With the increasing tech gadget launches, one thing is certain, additional cables. With the launch of Type-C USB supporting devices, now you need a separate set of cables for your new Type-C smartphone charger. Add to that, if you own an iPhone or a Mac, you will need another two …

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This is the HTC Vive dual-camera smartphone

Yup, that’s the virtual reality headset Vive name appearing on a smartphone. Until now HTC has kept its smartphones and its virtual reality Vive headset separate. A new leak shows off an HTC Vive handset that appears to do away with that division. The handset, featuring Vive branding and a …

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