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How to Pick the Best Internet Provider for Your Needs

Whether you use the ‘net once a week or spend hours surfing every day, there are plenty of options available to help you get online. Internet service providers (often called ISPs) offer various packages and types of Internet service, and each type comes with its own pros and cons. If …

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Should We Shell Out For Full HD Smartphones?

Should We Shell Out For Full HD Smartphones? Smartphones with full 1080p HD displays are quite a new invention, with the recently released Sony Xperia Z being amongst the first mobiles in the world to feature a Full HD screen. However, because these devices boast cutting edge technology, they also …

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How Can a Stylus Improve Your Tablet Production?


The tablet stylus is the plastic pen that people use on their touch screen device. It is more commonly known from things such as the Nintendo DS, where the small white pen is used almost exclusively over any other interaction mechanism. Many feel that touching a tablet with your fingers …

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How to Conserve Ink and Toner

We can all easily admit that ink toner can be a large consumer of resources and damaging to the environment, which is unfortunate. But printing continues to be more of a necessity as we advance in further technology and yet still require hard copies across legal matters. This means no …

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What Are IP Phones And How Are They Used?

IP phones, also commonly called VoIP phones, are becoming increasingly popular in both homes and businesses. A recent study by IBISWorld found that approximately 30 million people in the United States pay for VoIP services and that does not include the number of people who use free services like Google …

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Best Photography apps in iPhone

We have seen millions of apps hitting the app store daily, some of apps stay unique. The iPhone apps for photography are such apps, that they stand out and help the user to portray some of their best creative skills. There are few exceptional apps, which let the user to …

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The Continued Rise of Mobile Gambling

Regardless of whether you’re an Android user, a Blackberry owner or an Apple aficionado, if you own a smart phone or tablet computer, you’ll be no stranger to the profound effect such devices can have on the way you use the internet. Whether it’s catching up with the news or …

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Software For Today’s World

In the past decade, software technology and development has made huge improvements to worldwide communication and tools for creativity. Many of us continually strive for better and more meaningful connections with others, and we want to express ourselves in unique ways. That’s why having the best and latest software will …

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Landmark Designs In The Evolution Of The Phone

My favourite, most simple design of phone has to be the string telephone. Everyone has heard of it and most likely has made their own  by attaching a piece of string to two tin cans, pulling it taut and passing secret messages to their friends. This is what I think …

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